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  • How are oysters good for the environment?
    Great question. We dive into the details on our website here, but put simply oysters filter pollutants from the water and create habitat for marine life. Oysters are one of the most sustainable protiens available because they require no fresh water, no food, and no harsh chemicals; just the salt water and a good ol' cage! Seriously though, go read the details because oysters are pretty frickin' cool!
  • Are oysters good for you?
    Absolutely! Oysters are low in calories, high in protien, and a rich source of important nutrients like Vitamin D, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, and Vitamin B12.
  • Where can we buy your oysters?
    Our first round of oysters is ready and available exclusively at the Port Hunter in Edgartown. We have limited quantities this summer, so head over to the Port Hunter to be one of the first to try our new oyster!
  • Do you ship the clothing?
    Yes, we can ship anything for sale on our website. Shipping rates are calculted before checkout, and right now we only ship in the US. It's just Liam and I, so be patient with us and we will get you your order as fast as possible! If you're on Martha's Vineyard we can deliver right to your door.
Boat in the Sea
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