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About Us

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Maddie and Liam met in 2017 in Andros, Bahamas where they were both volunteering for a marine conservation group. They spent three years traveling the world while Maddie got her degree online, and returned back to Martha's Vineyard (Liam's home) each summer to work.


In 2019 they took a tour of an oyster farm during training for their kayaking job. The wheels started turning, and soon enough brothers Dan and Greg Martino, owners of Cottage City Oysters, welcomed Liam out to their farm where he's worked for four years learning oyster farming from the first oyster farm in Oak Bluffs. 


Oyster farming brought together their love for the ocean and strong desire to help protect it. In the fall of 2020 they decided to try for their own farm in Edgartown, but all of the leases in Katama Bay were in use. Liam had worked on an open ocean oyster farm for two years so he felt confident it could work in Edgartown too. A few months later, after many conversations and meetings, they got approved for a 2 acre lease in Edgartown.

Their lease is located about 1.5 miles off of the North East shore, with depths of 15-30 feet depending on the tide. This location has its unique challenges from being so exposed to the full force of the ocean, but they're ready to take on the challenge and excited for the opportunity to grow a delicious oyster! 


Liam Cosgrove

Farm Owner

Liam is an Oyster Farmer & Lover, and was born and raised on island. He's a PADI rescue diver and a kayak tour guide, and spends his free time spearfishing and surfing. Rumor has it he started this company just to get free oysters.

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Maddie Henson

Farm Owner

Maddie was brought to oyster farming through her passion for sustainability and the ocean. She has her degree in marketing and takes care of all the boring business stuff and drives the boat.

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