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Why Oysters?

Why do we (and so many other people) LOVE oysters so much? Are they actually good for the ocean? Are they good for our bodies? If you're one of those people that like to really understand all of the details, we've got them for you below. If you just want a simple answer, we've got that for you too!

The World Resources Institute has constructed what they call a 5 course menu of solutions to feed 10 billion people by 2050. We believe this is a very simple way to look at the problems facing our world and the solution found in oysters.

Image by Matthew LeJune

First Course: Reduce Growth In Demand for Agricultural Products “Eat More Oysters”

Let's face it, people love their protein. It's time we expand our protein pallet to new horizons! A few oysters contain the same amount of protein as an egg, and they’re a complete protein source meaning they contain all 9 essential amino acids your body needs. Oysters have a lot of bang for your buck; about 7 medium sized oysters (100 grams) provides you with your recommended daily intake of B12, zinc, and copper, and over 75% of your daily needs for selenium and vitamin D and are “also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that regulate inflammation and keep your heart and brain healthy”. Replacing some of a person's meat consumption with oysters is a sustainable alternative to other agriculture products like beef, poultry, lamb, and dairy.

Main Point: Oysters are great for your health! Eat more oysters & less steak!

Second Course: Increase Food Production Without Expanding Agricultural Land-

"Create A Scalable System for Deep Water Oyster Farming”

Like most things on Earth, land is limited and we're running out of it! We need to find a way to produce more food without using more land. Luckily, about 71% of the Earth's surface is water-covered and right now the ocean’s vast size is being drastically misused. Oysters are raised in the ocean and require virtually no land to grow. There will be no trees cut down or habitats destroyed to grow our oysters. We also don't need to grow any food or use any fresh water to feed them, they're completely self reliant.

Main Point: Oysters require no land or resources to grow! 

Image by Huang Yikai
Image by Ben Stern

Third Course:  Protect & Restore Natural Ecosystems

 “Let The Oysters Go To Work”

Our oysters grow in the water, coexisting peacefully with the ocean in their cages, and our lease was carefully selected to make sure it wouldn't negatively affect any living thing that calls the ocean home. Now let's give credit where credit is due; oysters do some incredible work. Oysters help to protect and restore their damaged environment by filtering up to 50 gallons of water every day. Through this filtration process they remove toxic pollutants from the water, like nitrogen and algae. They use this nitrogen to build their tissue and shell as they grow. A one acre oyster farm in the waters of Martha’s Vineyard can theoretically produce around 2 million oysters a year, which means just one farm can filter 100 million gallons of water per day.

Main Point: Oysters help clean the water and provide habitat for marine life!

Fourth Course: Increase Fish Supply

"Grow More Oysters”

In the mid 1990’s we maximized our fish catch at 94 million tons, and it has since declined. The oceans natural fish population has been drastically overfished and the natural levels of fish populations at their best aren’t enough to sustain the growing demand for fish. We've really messed up the ocean. Fish can be raised to meet these growing demands, but great care must be taken to do it in a sustainable manner that isn’t destructive to the natural population or the planet. Current fish farms require land and produce similar emissions to poultry farming, but oyster farming off the coast poses no threat to land resources or the natural fish population.

Main Point: Oysters are a more sustainable alternative to fish! 

Image by Oliver Fetter
Image by Fred Moon

Fifth Course: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture 

“Oysters Are The Key To Everything”

Do you get the point yet? Oysters are pretty frickin' amazing! They require no land, no food, no fresh water, and the produce no emissions! They clean the water, provide habitat, keep you healthy and strong, and they're even an aphrodisiac! What can't they do?!  Right now the only emissions from our farm is the boat we use to get out there, but some day soon we will change that. 

Main Point: Oysters have no negative impact on our environment whatsoever!

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